Monday, December 03, 2007

Thank you Developers from a Student

As finals are next week for me and I've finished all my work for 1 of my 5 classes this term and I am finally beginning to get some free time as I try and get my work done early, I thought I'd take some time out of my day quickly and express thanks to those developers who have made my life as a student on a Mac much easier. A BIG thank you goes out to Parallels who makes it possible for me to use Windows only when I absolutely have to ( my teachers haven't discovered I am using Pages or Textmate insead of Microsoft Word on Windows for most of my assignments yet ;) Thank you to Flying Meat! I had heard of VooDooPad but never really thought of using it till I had many classes this term all requiring a lot of note taking, so being the smart person I am I went right away to Flying meat and bought a copy to organize all my notes like so (and yes I misspelled Intro to Psychology I know, it was Day 1 and I had been up since 5AM) I can't count all the times I did group projects and I was the one who could always search through all my notes and always find that bit of info we needed to get our project done before the rest of class :D Another Thank you goes out to the OmniGroup for doing OmniFocus! Since I adopted GTD (Getting Things Done) and started testing the early Alphas and then bought an Educational OmniFocus license at the first chance I could, I've never been more organized and productive in my life! Turning anything that involves more than 1 action into a project and setting goals and due dates, as well as being able to add items into OmniFocus without actually having OmniFocus as the active app ( QuickEntry ) has probably saved me hours and hours of time. Thank you to the Vienna developers for making an RSS reader that's allows me to keep up to date on all my sites for tech news especially in my E-Commerce course. Thanks for Quicksilver! Probably my biggest productivity app period. This is the first app that I've used that I just have to have to multitask. Now every mac I touch I expect Quicksilver to be on there, and moan slightly if I discover it's not Thanks to TextMate and Apple (Xcode) for making my C/C++/Java classes much easier and more productive Thanks to Inquisitor (yes even on Leopard) for making my searching faster Thanks to Blizzard for World of Warcaft for giving me something to unwind from my homework on. Thanks to Unreal Tournament 2004 for another method of unwinding as well especially when Im on restrictive networks that won't allow me to run WoW Finally the biggest thank you to Apple for Mac OS X of course and everything from Spaces, Mail, Address Book, Time Machine, iCal, Safari, iTunes, iPhoto, Pages, Numbers, Keynote, Xcode, Instruments, Terminal, etc. Thanks for giving us developers a great platform & developer tools to develop these apps on! I never realized how heavily I depend on Apple and the various indie developers out there to make me productive till I looked back on this and past terms to see how much time I've saved in the process of using your apps. If I didn't have all this I'd probably be going raving mad right now or even worse... I'd be developing apps on Windows THANK YOU!!!