Saturday, June 06, 2009

See you at WWDC!

I am taking just a few minutes to write this in the middle of packing my things for WWDC. This will be my 3rd time going to WWDC and my last time officially as a student.
Already I have learned a great deal of things from the previous times i've gone. I've made an effort to get up earlier to get used to what will be a normal time to get up in a different time zone. Also I know Kevin Hoctor has said this several times and now I totally agree with him after trying 2x in a row... don't go to all the sessions. This event is a social event as much as a learning event, in the past I literally went to mostly sessions and didn't really leave any session and boy did I pay the price for it mentally and physically. It's very tempting to try and go to all the sessions and try to leech off every little bit of information you can from the Apple presenters, trust me you'd do good to take a break and besides you'll learn more from reviewing the videos after the conference. One of my goals is this year is to try and network more, I have business cards now and I plan to try and take breaks from sessions. If you see me, feel free to say hi!
This year there are a bunch of people from Twitter that I really want to meet. I plan to attend the SFMacIndie party on Sunday night, but beyond that I don't have a whole lot set in stone right now. Overall I am really excited this year and can't wait to arrive in San Francisco tomorrow! I'll see you there! top photo from