Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Xcode 4 Keyboard Shortcuts now available!

Xc4 kbsc

The Xcode 4 Keyboard Shortcuts are now available. I've decided to make forking it and creating your own version easier by putting it up on Github. This will make it easier to browse forks and merge new formats in. Additionally it makes it easy to have a consistent go to place that doesn't change for updates to the shortcuts.

You can download the Xcode 4 keyboard shortcuts here:
Xcode Keyboard Shortcuts Repository
Xcode 4.0 Keyboard Shortcuts (Blue)
Xcode 4.0 Keyboard Shortcuts (Black and White)

Believe it or not I got a few requests to actually charge for the shortcuts. For something like this, it is just not my style, but if you want to contribute maybe so I can afford some better tools than pages or spend more time on maintaining them and updating them faster, then you can donate whatever you feel like here