Thursday, December 11, 2008

Debugging Cocoa with DTrace Talk Tonight at Cocoaheads

Tonight at the Des Moines Cocoaheads I will be doing a talk in which I will describe how DTrace can be the perfect compliment to your debugging session and help you find bugs quicker regardless of if you are using DTrace through the Terminal or Instruments. Topics that will be covered are * Brief review of DTrace & how it works * What DTrace can do for you * DTrace and the Objective-C Provider * Tasks DTrace can make much easier for you that would otherwise be mundane and consume time * Getting the most out of Custom DTrace Probes in Instruments * useful DTrace snippets & functions to know * and more... If you are in the central Iowa area come and see this and more at DM Cocoaheads tonight ( ) I look forward to seeing you there! After this talk is over with all presentation materials will be posted here with a in depth article with more information than I could present in a reasonable amount of time tonight. Also this is kinda a Intermediate/Advanced Level Talk it assumes some basic knowledge of how DTrace works (though like I said there will be a very brief review of DTrace and how it works.) If you don't know DTrace check out my earlier article and the accomanying links from DTrace for Cocoa Developers ( )