Friday, October 27, 2006

[Helpful App] Docoa Browser

Hello everybody! I just wanted to post something you may find interesting. Docoa Browser (based on Cocoa Browser from a LONG time ago) has been updated to run on the most recent documentation from Apple! If you don’t know what Docoa Browser is, it’s basically a slim and fast documentation browser which allows you to browse most documentation by browsing through a simple column view which you can go through very quickly. I really liked this browser before when I was first learning cocoa and I still like it today. If you find the built in documentation browser to be a bit slow at times you can give Docoa browser a try. This was just posted to the Apple Cocoa mailing list yesterday, and I was only able to download it during my Ames Mac Users Group (AmesMUG) meeting, so I haven’t had a lot of time to test it, but so far it’s worked really well. Now to be honest this app probably won’t satisfy all your documentation browsing needs, but it should perform well for basic documentation browsing. You can download it from here (warning! this is just the source code and not a prebuilt binary so you'll have to compile it yourself):


Jeff Johnson said...

Have you tried AppKiDo? It's a similar app, perhaps a little more powerful.

Mike said...

I've tried AppKiDo... sure it's useful... but it's horrid looking.

I'm quite glad that you've done Docoa Browser. I used to love cocoa browser.


Steve said...

I just tried Dacoa - it certianly is more pleasant looking, but I found a problem right away:

When I search for NSString it returns the AppKit category for NSString, but I really wanted the Foundation definition of NSString with all of the primary methods.

Any ideas on this?

Colin Wheeler said...

I can reproduce the same problem you described - for now you can click the pop down list button and browse NSString methods which will take you into NSString class (foundation)

I'd suggest firing off an e-mail to the guy ( ) and calmly explaining the bug and how you reproduced it and with any luck we'll have an update