Thursday, March 06, 2008

Distributed Denial of iPhone SDK

So the iPhone SDK is finally here. I'm glad (but not surprised) that we can download the SDK, but can't actually ship our apps for while. The servers still seem a bit glitchy as Daniel Jalkut put it "We are experiencing a distributed denial of iPhone SDK." [via twitter]. In a nutshell, that's what we did once the event was over, developers the world over practically DDOS'd apples servers. One interesting thought that came up as I was talking to one of my friends on IM is that many people have bitched about Objective-C and it's "brackets" and about Mac OS X as well, now people are forced to get on board and use Mac OS X and Objective-C. Sure you could presumably use a hackintosh, but no matter what you can't get past the fact that you have to learn Objective-C and be brave or as I put it in the IM conversation "this SDK now seems like an excuse for them to say "hey you didn't wanna learn Objective-C, now you do bitches! suck it up!'". it'll be interesting how many windows developers buy a mac today and in the days to come :) I'm downloading the SDK right now and if nothing else I wanna connect iCal To Do's to the iPhone. My Wish list of apps for the iPhone really only has a few things on it right now 1. OmniGroup if your reading this PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE put OmniFocus on the iPhone! Especially with Core Location you have such a great opportunity here to develop a killer app for GTD/OmniFocus users 2. Real IM on the iPhone 3. Games, the web games I've tried thus far are OK, but much could be improved Beyond that surprise me people, make me want things I didn't even know I wanted! While I am at it, the secret seems to be out so I might as well share, my Twitter account is now active again and I'm definitely staying with it. I'm here for those of you fellow twitters. Additionally I am giving some thought to moving this blog to Wordpress. I guess one thing I dislike is that no pre-made template has ever satisfied me and while wordpress isn't perfect there is more than lets say 8 that Blogger seems to offer. My ultimate dream though is to make a Samurai/Xcode/Objective-C code theme that's simplistic and yet detailed, like you painted it with a brush, but I don't know any graphic designers (that's why the icons on my apps aren't so hot.) The move to wordpress would have tradeoffs in any case and it's just a thought at this point. Also today I bought which will forward to Eventually in time I hope to drop all other urls and have everything just be on Lastly I'm finishing up the Xcode Shortcut list modified for 8.5 x 11 pages, firstly though I am frantically trying to finish up my time consuming project and assignments for school. By the end of this weekend I should have it posted here. One more thing... expect some new tutorials in a totally new format here in the future ;)

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dacresni said...

can't people already SMS? what's the difference between IM and SMS? not in implementation but in interface? most people can now get IMs that were sent to them when they were off line anyway.