Friday, May 09, 2008

I am on the Mac Developer Roundtable 007 Source Code Management

I was an invited guest on the Mac Developer Roundtable and came on to talk Source Code Management and to advocate for GIT. It was my first time ever on a podcast and I was a bit nervous, still listening to the first part of it right now, but it sounds pretty good so far. Please forgive all the "uhs" I do, Im normally a lot more confident speaking publicly, but I didn't know what to expect on the podcast. Give it a listen and let me know what you think. Be gentle, it's my first time :P ... Mac Developer Roundtable Episode 007 - Source Code Management My Recommendations from the podcast F-Script If I remember correctly, I think I just glanced over F-Script and didn't give it much explanation. Im a huge fan of creating experimental projects and playing around with API's and that's one reason Im a fan of F-Script because then I don't have 30 small projects cluttering up my desktop or a temp directory and so now I do much less tiny projects in Xcode and use F-Script to see how the API's work. You can start F-Script up in a console and create an app from scratch or just create temp objects and see how they work and play around with Cocoa in a way that's not possible in Xcode without creating loads of small projects. You can download F-Script from though if you are on Leopard you will need to download and install a special version of FScript Anywhere from Mac OS X Internals Mac OS X Internals is a great book explaining the guts of Mac OS X and its individual components to you in how they work and comes with many source code examples to demo what's going on. It's a very big book, but it's well worth it for the content it offers you. The books website is at


mandaris said...

Congratulations! I've been looking at your blog here for a while and it's really good to see/hear you going out there and being seen/heard.

Danny said...

Hope you enjoyed yourself Colin, was a good laugh as per usual.
Would be good to get "on air" with you again at some point :-)