Thursday, January 08, 2009

Announcing the DTrace TextMate Bundle Beta 1 (Updated)

UPDATE: The DTrace TextMate Bundle is now on Beta 3 and I am no longer hosting it, it is on GitHub and will be updated there. You should also go to GitHub to get the latest version and fixes for the bundle. I've been working for a little while on a DTrace Bundle for TextMate to make life writing DTrace Scripts a lot easier and now you can download Beta 1 of the DTrace TextMate Bundle. Now I should warn you it's very rough, but the bulk of the functionality is there. So if you are okay with an evolving bundle for TextMate go ahead and try it. Heres a video showing it off You can download it here: This bundle is open source and is hosted at github: So go get git and you can keep it in sync with the latest fixes. Here are the things that work: Syntax Highlighting (mostly) D Language Code Folding All Tab Triggers All Included Scripts (Core Data, Garbage Collection, Cocoa Events, etc.) Bugs/What Doesn’t work After you do a tab trigger if you immediately try to do another tab trigger TextMate won’t let you (don’t know if this is my bug or a TextMate bug) Syntax Highlighting only highlights with one color (this will be corrected in the future) Run in Terminal Command doesn’t work right now There is a menu item “More Mac OS X D Scripts” that doesn’t contain anything at the moment, in time several useful DTrace scripts will be added, but for now it’s empty


Unknown said...

I haven't used your bundle yet. Just wanted to say that in TextMate you are still in "tab" mode until you hit tab placeholder $0. For example in your snippet Objective-C Target Block.tmSnippet, you have $4 as the last placeholder. Use $0 instead, this will let you immediatly tab-complete again. Also I think that there is an implicit $0 at the end (this might have been changed though) if you do not insert one, which is very annoying since an addtional tab will bring you outside the braces. Good luck with your bundle, feel free to join ##textmate on freenode (irc) if you need any help.

Unknown said...

Chiming in again ;).

I see that you are using bare tabstops $1, $2 etc. It is generally a good idea to put a placeholder in your tabstops, like ${1:some name}. The TextMate manual has a good (short) read on the subject.