Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Xcode 4 Keyboard Shortcuts now available!

Xc4 kbsc

The Xcode 4 Keyboard Shortcuts are now available. I've decided to make forking it and creating your own version easier by putting it up on Github. This will make it easier to browse forks and merge new formats in. Additionally it makes it easy to have a consistent go to place that doesn't change for updates to the shortcuts.

You can download the Xcode 4 keyboard shortcuts here:
Xcode Keyboard Shortcuts Repository
Xcode 4.0 Keyboard Shortcuts (Blue)
Xcode 4.0 Keyboard Shortcuts (Black and White)

Believe it or not I got a few requests to actually charge for the shortcuts. For something like this, it is just not my style, but if you want to contribute maybe so I can afford some better tools than pages or spend more time on maintaining them and updating them faster, then you can donate whatever you feel like here


Anonymous said...


Darren Schroeder said...

Thanks for all the work. One request. How about something we can print out and stick on the wall. Perhaps 8.5x11 or 11x17 format.

Colin Wheeler said...


Really i'd love to make a format like that, but the reality is I don't have the time to make all the custom formats people ask. I decided the only reasonable action was to also release the Pages document (available at the github repository) so people could have the means to make the custom formats they want.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the updated shortcuts!!!!

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pierre davy said...

thanks a lot for this !!!

Surfbutler said...

Hi Colin, great stuff! You might want to add:

Go Back - - - ⌃ ⌘ ←


Surfbutler said...

Damn it - I meant:
Go Back - - - ⌥ ⌘ ←


Anonymous said...

Snagged, saved, thankyou.

peristalsis said...

Hi Colin,

Thanks for this awesome cheatsheet! I am about to release a (free, no-advertising) iPad app and was wanting to include your cheat sheet with correct attribution, but what actually is the license? I can include a link to this blog and your name too.


Colin Wheeler said...

@Alex if you look on the Github Repo the license is a Creative Commons non commercial attribution licence. People have emailed me asking for permission to use it in things like books,etc and usually as long as people are polite and explain what they are doing I usually have no problem giving them permission to use it in various things. Email me cocoasamurai [at] gmail if you need an email with permission explicitly stated.

peristalsis said...

Hi Colin,

Thanks, should have thought to check the git repo more closely.

Your permission above is all I need really. I'll give you a heads up/screenshot once the app is out.

Thanks! :)

Uli Kunkel said...

Do you what the new shortcut is for "Switch to Header/Source File"?

It used to be ⌥⌘↑ but now I just get a beep :(

Colin Wheeler said...


change ⌥ to ctrl and it should work

Uli Kunkel said...

@Colin - thanks. That did the trick.

On the Shortcuts page it's listed as:
"Jump to Next Counterpart"

Anonymous said...

Do you know the shortcut for xcode 4 to switch between windows like in all mac apps and in xcode 3?

⌘< doesn't work anymore.
⌘> still works.

Ther is no way to have multiple windows open and switch forth and back. You have to switch through all windows to get back to the first one.

mikezang said...

Hi, Your work is great, especially the blue one.
By the way, my eyes are not good, so I want to create a big font layout and divide it into three pages, can you provide it for me? What can I do it by myself?

Colin Wheeler said...

I get lots of requests for various sizes & unfortunately I don't really have the time to do them no matter how well intentioned the requests.

I do however make the github repository available which contains the original pages file that created the PDF's on the page. You can find that here

I would search there & see if there is a version of the shortcuts that works for you as it contains various versions that people have sent me. If not you might have to take a little time adjust the fonts to your liking.

Anonymous said...

thank you

Raul Tovar Sierra said...

今日はコリンさん! どうもありがとうございました! I found the Xcode 4 shortcuts chart really useful! I just wanted to drop a couple of lines and congratulate you for the excellent work =)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the effort of creating this cheat sheet, good job.

Esteban Ruiz said...

You may want to add:

Hide/Show utilities: ⌥ ⌘ 0

mak said...

Thanks for making this! You're a life saver :)

Anonymous said...

Thank you sir!

Re7ty said...

Thanks a lot

Anonymous said...

This shortcut list is really nice. How about making a "Xcode Shortcuts Wallpaper"?