Monday, September 07, 2009

Des Moines CocoaHeads: Blocks & Grand Central Dispatch (Updated with Room#)

This Thursday I will be doing a presentation at the Des Moines Cocoaheads (at Iowa State University Campus Howe Hall Room 20. It's on the lower level of Howe, just go down the main stairs by the front door and you'll see room 20 straight ahead.) on Blocks & Grand Central Dispatch and how you can use them with Cocoa, if your in or near central Iowa come by and say hello to the other Iowa Cocoaheads. I intend to do a general overview of

  • Blocks Syntax & Usage
  • Grand Central Dispatch: How it works, the API's and design patterns
  • Cocoa API's using Blocks & GCD
Sometime afterwards I will post either a article/and or video covering the content in this presentation, plus a lot more comprehensive material that I will not be able to fit into the talk.
NSCoder Night
Also if your around Central Iowa there is NSCoder Night every week on Tuesday at about 7pm alternating between Panera Bread in Ames & Ankeny. See the Google Calendar to see where NSCoder Night is for the current week. Tomorrow Sept 8 we will be at Panera Bread in Ankeny at ~7pm. See you there!

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"if your around Central Iowa" should be:
"if you're around Central Iowa".