Monday, September 21, 2009

Xcode Shortcut Documents available under CC

Today I am releasing the original pages documents for the Xcode Shortcuts under the Creative Commons 3.0 Attribution License. Basically you can do with it, whatever you want as long as I am attributed as being the original author somewhere, and that's it. I've gotten many requests to alter the Xcode shortcuts to many desktop sizes and other various custom sizes and unfortunately I don't have the time available to alter it for all the requests I've gotten, so this (in addition to releasing it because I think it's just a good idea in general) I hope is a fair compromise that will allow you to edit it how you see fit. Once again the only thing I've done is remove the Xcode logo which you can easily paste back in there by opening the Xcode app package and in the Resources folder opening the appicon.icns file and then pasting the icon back in there. You can download the zip file containing the original Pages Documents here. You will need Pages '09 (part of iWork '09) in order to open the documents. Thanks for all your great feedback on the Xcode Shortcuts!


Tiziano said...

Thank you very much for this post,
but just a bid:
Could you please post also a pdf-version? Not all here have Pages on their Macs installed and sometimes you are on a windows machine while surfing the net in the office or so. thanks a lot

Colin Wheeler said...


The image of the shortcuts has a link to the PDF. This is a separate post intending to open up the documents that made the PDF. The Post for the PDF's is here:

Tiziano said...

Thank you very much, Colin,